Hello church.

Please click the button below to visit our online RSVP form for signing up for attendance EACH week.


Consistent with GCC COVID directives and actions, our worship services are In-house and Live Streamed.  Please read:


* As we move towards getting things back to normal and as directives allow, we will begin to lift the safeguards we have in place. Current guidance is now permitting increased capacity for our services and allowing two different households to RSVP together in order to be seated together. For example, this means that if you don't live with your parents or your neighbors, but you want to be seated with them, you can now RSVP for you and them and you’ll be seated together.   

Masks and distancing are still required per current MHD guidance. 

Reminder, if you are not feeling well or feel you may have been in contact with someone that has COVID, we ask that you please stay at home. Visit our website or Facebook page for further guidelines.

Thank you for your patience as we seek to love God and love others.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

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